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International beauty salon was built with European inspiration. From the lobby to each service area are standardized separately, designed in a modern, luxurious and sophisticated European style.

Entering the service space of International Beauty Salon, customers will immediately feel relaxed, comfortable and extremely friendly. With a luxurious space with a professional service style, customers will surely always have the feeling that they are “god”, feeling worthy of what they have paid. International Beauty Salon invests in international standard facilities
Currently, International Beauty Salon owns 11 facilities across the country located in 2 big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which are built and refurbished extremely comfortable and modern:

Currently, International Beauty Salon provides a full range of high-tech skin aesthetic services (Wrinkle lifting; Full body hair removal; Body or regional slimming …). Besides, there are also cosmetic dental services (Porcelain veneers; Teeth whitening…) which are applied technology and continuously updated. Coming to International Beauty Salon, customers will have the need to beautify their body, keep their youth, and improve their beauty from a-z.

Health index meter

A special thing is that all services at International Beauty Salon are constantly updated, transferred from reputable cosmetic units in the world such as: USA; Korea; Older brother; France… brings high-tech beauty therapy, overcomes physical weaknesses and importantly helps customers to look beautiful from a- z, confidently express themselves.

If the fat loss methods that help customers regain their shape previously specialized in surgical techniques, now, International Beauty Salon has taken the lead in applying non-surgical fat reduction technology. need a strict diet or exercise. Slimming with modern technology, safely converting excess fat into energy. Or like the methods of hair removal, skin rejuvenation … all apply modern technology, safe beauty without surgery. Customers always experience standard and safe service procedures.


Synthesis of the entire system of International Beauty Salons gathers experts, technicians, enthusiastic consultants, many years of experience in the field of cosmetology. Service technicians at International Beauty Salon are not only experienced, well-trained, but also have solid expertise, good practice of newly transferred and updated technology equipment. , helping customers feel secure to perform safe cosmetic procedures.

Not only that, most customers when coming to International Beauty Salon are not only satisfied with the service quality but also feel comfortable and secure with the team of technicians here. When choosing International Beauty Salon, customers will not choose any other cosmetic address.
Experienced staff, honest advice, enthusiastic with customers


It is not natural that International Beauty Salon has become a beauty facility, a beauty salon that is highly appreciated and trusted by many customers, becoming a prestigious address. Hienthao International Beauty Salon. com still meets the strictest criteria. International Beauty Salon always puts the interests of customers first in the process of providing services. Therefore, when coming to International Beauty Salon, customers will be warmly welcomed, professional attitude with the most friendly style. The beauty technologies that International Beauty Salon are providing to customers are all transferred from reputable aesthetic environments. This partly shows the respect for customers of International Beauty Salon.
Before each beauty treatment, customers are thoroughly consulted by the doctor about the technique, the results as well as the clear numbers for the customer. This helps International Beauty Salon become a prestigious cosmetic address to help customers feel more secure during and after the service. Customers who have chosen International Beauty Salon will not choose any other cosmetic address. International Beauty Salon welcomes tens of thousands of customers every year


Regardless of the disadvantages of the body, physique, skin … when coming to International Beauty Salon, you are consulted to choose the right beauty solution with the best cost. The services at International Beauty Salon are very rich so that customers can choose to have a safe, non-surgical, non-invasive beauty treatment.